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Our privacy policy is very simple. At The European Weight Loss Centre (EWLC) We will NEVER share your details with any 3rd parties, all information provided is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL . Details supplied will only be used by (EWLC) European Weight Loss Centre staff and clinical / surgical staff.


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Got questions? On this page we answer all typical questions, please read on...

'How much weight can I expect to lose with the gastric balloon?'
Between 2 to 4 stones on average. Independent clinical trials carried out around the world, involving many thousands of volunteers, have shown that the average weight loss is approximately 3 stones (19kg), this is based on clinical trial data that is widely available in the public domain. Our own experience has shown the average weight loss for those following the BIB Gastric Balloon programme to be between 2 to 4 stones.


'Can you guarantee that I will lose this amount of weight?'
No clinic or hospital can guarantee exactly how much weight you will lose, however, you can be reassured that the vast majority of people working 'with' their gastric balloon: i.e. using it as intended; as a tool to assist you, often when all other methods have failed, will lose an average of approximately 3 stones (19kg) this applies to over 90% of those surveyed in global clinical trials and is also borne out with our own experience at the European Weight Loss Clinic in Prague.


'I have read ......... in a chat room / forum'
The vast majority of forum posts will be from a positive and encouraging viewpoint, as the posters have been successful in achieving and often surpassing, their goals. However a few may be disappointed that they have not achieved the results they had hoped for (for a number of reasons) and may understandably not be feeling very positive, and may even make disparaging comments, whilst others may post about side effects they were unaware of (in this latter regard there can be both good and bad advice on offer). Like all forums (on any topic) you can ask 1 question and get 10 different answers, this is why we advise a measure of balance when viewing any type of public forum - the good news is that the vast majority of people communicating in gastric balloon forums are posting success stories! It is always best to contact a medical professional if you have any specific questions relating to the gastric balloon.


'Are there any risks associated with the gastric balloon procedure?'
As with all medical procedures there are some risks involved, however, as the gastric balloon is non-surgical it is the safest form of obesity treatment. The primary and in the huge majority of cases the only 'risk' associated with the gastric balloon, is if the balloon were to deflate. If this were to happen, you would most certainly know about it! as the sterile saline solution within the balloon has a dye added to it, so that you would notice when you visited the toilet as your urine would turn bright green/blue. The likelihood of this happening is a less than 1% chance and if it were to happen a new gastric balloon would be provided free of charge.


'What kind of gastric balloon do you use?'
We use the industry standard ALLERGAN (BIB) Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon, not cheaper variations. The ALLERGAN balloon, as well as being the best quality gastric balloon available, is the most widely used gastric balloon in the UK and around the world, with the most clinical trials and data recorded in relation to safety and effectiveness.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should be discarded from consumption, and with arrythmia, hypertension, epilepsy and motor-verbal teak take it with great care. Dosing: daily dose of Slimex 15 mg - 1 capsule (15 mg) from in the morning, with a glass of water, regardless of food intake. The duration of treatment depends on the individual susceptibility to the active ingredient and the initial body weight and is on average 3 months to 1 year. The maximum weight loss can be calculated after 3-6 months. After the withdrawal of the drug, the retention of the achieved result already falls on the patient's shoulders. Everything here depends on the willpower and desire to preserve the result.


'Is it risky to have my gastric balloon abroad?'
Absolutely not, on the contrary if you choose carefully, choosing to have your gastric balloon abroad at the European Weight Loss Clinic in Prague assures you of the highest professional standards and the highest clinical standards available at superb prices offering large cost savings - with zero compromise on quality or care. It's a win - win situation for you: the best quality and service, at the best price. If you do your homework, you will see that in many ways it is safer to have your procedure abroad, if you choose your destination wisely.


'Are there any side effects?'
Typical side effects which can affect approximately 50% of those with the gastric balloon are: nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diahorrea, acid (heartburn) and wind. For those that do experience any of these side effects, they are usually more pronounced in the first 2 weeks after balloon insertion (notably in the first few days immediately after balloon insertion) and will normally lessen and dissipate within 2 weeks on average, also, you will be prescribed medications to help alleviate these symptoms, should you experience them. In a very small number of people (less than 4%) the balloon may need to be removed early due to intolerance (this can be due to physical or psychological intolerance).


'Do I qualify for the BIB Gastric Balloon?'
If you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 28 and above then you will qualify for the gastric balloon programme. The gastric balloon will typically stay in place for a maximum of 6 months.


'Will I regain the weight I lose with my balloon, once I have had it extracted?'
In the global clinical trials we mentioned earlier, all of the participants were followed up 12 months after the removal of their gastric balloons and the findings were that 87% of people had kept off the initial amount of weight lost with a significant percentage of people going on to lose even more weight once their gastric balloon had been removed. This has also been our experience with EWLC clients.


'What kind of After Care do you provide, will I be compromised by having the procedure abroad?'
We provide the same form of Gastric Balloon after care as all major clinics, this takes the form of open ended contact, and access to our professional team (both via email and our freephone support service) and through dietary and nutritional advice and review and weight loss monitoring. This after care service is available throughout the 6/12 month duration of your gastric balloon and for a further 6 months after balloon extraction. We are here to help you every step of the way, in your efforts to achieve your weight loss goals.

. Amoxicillin is prescribed to patients with symptoms of bacterial infections as key or supplementary treatment. The drug is prescribed only after due lab tests which will indicate which type of bacteria contaminate your body and cause the disease. It is one of the key cures to ease the symptoms and to treat bacterial infections of middle ear, upper respiratory tract, as well as urinary and sexual diseases. The antibiotic is one of the essential drugs in the home medicine box for kids. The antibiotic drug causes certain side effects in kids and adults. Kids commonly perform rash all over the body which passes exactly after withdrawal and complete elimination of the drug from the body. In adults the most common unwanted reactions are nausea and diarrhea. To prevent these symptoms the patients are recommended to keep to the diet, to avoid taking the drug on the empty stomach as well as to avoid taking the drug with milk products. Amoxicillin is available as brand so generic form. It comes to the market in suspension, powder for suspension as well as pills which are the most convenient form for at home usage. Please, consult your doctor which form is best for you.


'What are the benefits of having the Gastric Balloon?'
Did you know? A person who is regarded as being Clinically Obese (with a BMI - Body Mass Index of 30 and above) is 6 times more likely to develop High Blood Pressure, 4 times more likely to develop Diabetes, 2 times more likely to develop arthritis, 6 times more likely to suffer Gall Bladder disease, more likely to be infertile, more likely to suffer from back and joint problems, have problems with asthma exacerbated, suffer depression, suffer sleep problems such as sleep apnea, heart problems and stroke and a shortened lifespan (1 in every 11 deaths in the UK is linked to obesity related problems). We do not mention this to cause alarm, rather to highlight the hugely negative health implications associated with obesity (many people are unaware of the risks associated with obesity). The good news is, something can be done. Having the Gastric Balloon procedure and thus losing weight and lowering your BMI (body mass index) to normal or lower levels, will significantly reduce your likelihood of developing these potentially serious medical conditions, and as can be evidenced by many of our clients (including those on our testimonial pages) significant weight loss can resolve many pre-existing conditions associated with obesity. Of course there are also many, many psychological benefits in losing excess weight; people become more confident, feel less isolated, feel more attractive and feel more assertive as well as the obvious benefits associated with feeling great with your new look.

Gastric Balloon insertion is not recommended for clients who: Suffer from Alcohol or Drug Addiction, have had previous gastrointestinal surgery, have a history of Mental Illness, a history of or ongoing Large Hiatal Hernia or clients who are pregnant or planning to be pregnant
The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd - a company you can trust



Got questions? On this page we answer all typical questions, please read on...
'Is it safe to have my procedure abroad?'
In many ways it can be safer to have your Gastric Band procedure with us in Prague. This is because, contrary to what you may have been led to believe, the UK actually has a rather tardy record for 'safety standards' (READ HERE) and to put people off who are planning to have their procedure carried out abroad, on the basis that it is inevitably unsafe, is both misleading and inaccurate. Having said that, there are some super facilities in the UK with excellent surgeons and yes, there are some countries who have come under the spotlight recently, in the media e.g. Belgium and some North African destinations with regard to complications and standards of after - care, but you are absolutely assured of the highest standards with us. Ask yourself this.... might there be a hidden agenda in suggesting that ALL surgery abroad has a higher risk of complications than UK surgery? (Also, bear in mind our clinic has a ZERO incidence of 'superbug' infections, whereas the UK is currently at the top of European League tables for MRSA and C.diff 'superbug' infections).
'How much weight will I lose?'
This is the 'million dollar' question everyone wants an answer to, the fact is that weight loss results will vary from client to client, the amount of weight lost will depend on variety of factors. Your gastric band will be adjusted according to your stomach anatomy and the amount of weight you need / want to lose. Of course a large degree of the success you achieve will be directly related to how closely you work with your gastric band and adopt new lifestyle and healthy eating habits. There is no such thing as a miracle cure for obesity but the gastric band is a very popular method and has helped over 600,000 people to change their lives completely. ?Weight loss of approximately two to three pounds a week in the first year after the operation is likely, but one pound a week is also normal; it all depends on your food intake. The average total weight loss with most clients is between 6 to 15 stones (84lbs/38kg to 210lbs/95kgs) spread over 1 to 3 years

'How long will it take to recover after surgery?'
The gastric band surgery is performed laparoscopically, patients typically spend one to 3 days at our clinic after their procedure. Most people can return to work approximately 1 week after their procedure.

'Which type of Gastric Band do you use?'

We use the Allergan Gastric Band LAP-BAND® System which is approved by both the NHS and the FDA and virtually every Health Regulatory Body around the world .
A vast amount of clinical and research studies have been published globally which show the Allergan Lap-Band Gastric Band is the most widely used gastric banding device and has the highest proven records of safety and efficacy.
There are over 600,000 people around the world who have or who have had the Allergan Lap-Band Gastric Band.

'Will I be sick after the procedure?'
The gastric band limits the amount of food you can eat. If you feel nauseas on a frequent basis, it could mean that you are not chewing your food well enough or that you are not following dietary recommendations. It could also mean that there is a problem with the placement of your band (this is rare), so you should contact us if this problem persists. Vomiting should be avoided as much as is possible, but it will be normal to some extent, especially soon after the procedure.

'Is the procedure reversible?'
Yes the procedure is designed to be reversible

'Will I feel hungry?'

The gastric band will help you to eat much less and also feel full quicker, working in two ways; firstly by reducing the capacity of your stomach and second by increasing the time it takes food to travel through your digestive system. For example, after a small meal, you should feel full. If you follow the nutritional guidelines when choosing your food and you chew it well, you should not feel hungry or deprived. Remember that the gastric band should be regarded as a tool to help you change your eating habits and your relationship with food.

'How often will I need to see someone after my Gastric Band procedure?'
It is normal for clients to need one or perhaps two band adjustments within the first year and less in years two and three, depending on the individual case.

'How is my gastric band adjusted?'
Adjustments are performed quickly and easily using a very thin needle to inject or withdraw saline solution from your band via your access port. This can be done quickly in an office setting or can be carried with X-ray assistance (using flouroscopy) at one of our partner clinics near you. Most adjustments take only a few minutes and patients report that they are virtually painless.


'Can I eat anything I want?'
You can eat most foods that don't cause you discomfort. Because you can only eat a little food at any given time, it is important that you include foods that are rich in vital and important vitamins and nutrients, foods such as those recommended by your surgeon and/or nutritionist. If you eat foods that contain lots of sugar and fat or drink liquids full of empty calories (beer/wine/cider, spirits), milkshakes, ice-cream, liquidised Mars bars, etc, the effect of the gastric band may be greatly reduced or even cancelled out completely.

'What if I fall pregnant?'
If you are trying to become pregnant you will normally find it easier once you have lost weight as your menstrual cycle will most likely become more regular. Also, if you need to eat more while you are pregnant, the band can be loosened. After pregnancy, the band may be tightened again so that you can resume your weight loss.

'Should I take a Multi Vitamin/Mineral supplement?'
Yes, this is very important! as it is possible that you may not get enough essential vitamins and minerals from three small meals a day, which could in turn create health related problems.


'Do I have to 'protect' the access port area underneath my skin?'
You should not have any activity restrictions based on your access port. Your access port is placed under the skin in the abdominal wall area, and once the incisions have healed the access port should not cause you any discomfort or limit any physical exercise. The only sensation you should experience from the your port will normally only occur if you have a band adjustment.

'Can I drink alcohol?'
Alcohol has a high number of 'dead' calories and it can rob the body of essential vitamins and minerals, so it is never recommended as a healthy option. However, an occasional glass of wine or beer, or other alcoholic drink, should not significantly affect your weight loss.


'What happens if something goes wrong?'
Problems that can arise, from time to time (albeit rarely), are 'band slippage' and 'port detachment' these rare occurrences can be easily rectified and in these circumstances corrective procedure(s) would be carried out free of charge at our clinic.


'I naturally like the idea of very significant cost savings, having my Gastric Band procedure carried out at your clinic, but am I compromising quality, safety and clinical standards in any way as a result?'
The short answer is NO, we use the same Gastric Bands available at all reputable private UK clinics and hospitals (including leading NHS hospitals) and we offer the same levels of after care as all major providers (with band adjustments available in the UK). Our Surgeons are all board certified, having carried out many Thousands of Gastric Band procedures, the standards (at all levels) in our Prague clinic are at least equal to those on offer in the UK, the only difference is of course cost, which means very significant savings to you, with no compromise.

'It all seems very convincing and I feel reassured, do you offer any 'guarantees' ?
We guarantee, that if your Gastric Band is in any way 'faulty' (extremely unlikely we may add) we will replace it, free of charge! Now that surely must provide complete peace of mind for you and illustrate our standards and credentials.


'So what is my next step?'
Simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on FreePhone 0800 346 0246 - we are waiting for your call and to help you achieve the new you that you have been waiting for.


The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd - a company you can trust


The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd - EWLC - Terms and Conditions



The European Weight Loss Centre, ( EWLC); This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. hereby outline our general terms and conditions for your information and consideration. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. The European Weight Loss Centre (hereinafter referred to as EWLC and The European Weight Loss Centre also trading as 'New You') lists the following terms and conditions.

The European Weight Loss Centre (EWLC) require all client(s) to complete and return our medical questionnaire, in order that we can assess your suitability prior to further testing at our partner clinic in Prague, prior to your procedure. Clients agree to complete our medical questionnaire accurately and honestly. Clients also agree that failure to complete their medical questionnaire accurately and honestly could result in the inability to proceed with your chosen procedure. EWLC (The European Weight Loss Centre) cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from a client’s failure to complete the medical questionnaire accurately and honestly. All completed questionnaires are forwarded to specialist medical staff and surgeons in confidence.

Your Procedure

The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd (EWLC) and our partner clinic may give clients instructions; pre-procedural and post-procedural, regarding care and restrictions on activity. The client accepts full responsibility to adhere to these instructions. The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd - EWLC is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from clients’ failure to follow and adhere to instructions.

The client accepts that EWLC (The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd) is not liable for any loss arising as a result of the clinic surgical or medical staff deciding that the client is unfit for the requested treatment to take place. If it is not possible to perform your chosen procedure alternative dates may be offered to you.

It is very rare for clinical staff to not be in a position to operate at all, and in these rare cases it is almost always due to an underlying serious medical condition(s) that the patient has which they did not know about or did not tell us about.

Full testing and health screening is carried out at our clinic prior to your procedure which is of course included in your price.

The client hereby accepts that The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd (EWLC) does not offer any medical advice and are not liable or responsible for the work of clinic. The client also accepts that the client’s contract for the procedure carried out is with clinic.

If due to circumstances beyond our control (except if we say differently in these terms and conditions), The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd (EWLC) cannot pay any compensation, expenses (including but not limited to flights, travel and accommodation), losses or any other amounts or accept responsibility if we have to change cancel or significantly alter your booking or scheduled treatment. If after we have issued your booking confirmation, we or our partners cannot complete your procedure as agreed, or if you suffer any loss or damage (of any description) as a result of circumstances beyond our control and you are subsequently unable to proceed with pre-arranged procedures (Circumstances beyond our control include but are not limited to: adverse weather conditions, war, terrorist activity, civil unrest, industrial dispute, transportation problems, unavailability of suppliers, unavailability of practitioners, or Force Majeure).

If we have to cancel, alter or change your booking, we will contact you at which point you can choose to rearrange your procedure with us (and pay or receive any price difference) or cancel your booking and get a full refund (less prepaid flights if applicable). However, we will not pay compensation in these circumstances and are not responsible for any losses or expenses you suffer as a result of circumstance beyond our control. Pictorial representation, procedural descriptions and examples of treatments shown on our website (at ) are representations of procedures as well as genuine before and after photographs (and videos) of previous clients and photos of our facilities and staff. While we believe all information contained within our website to be accurate and factual, we cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies on internal or external web pages.

The BIB Intra - Gastric Balloon: In a very small number of cases (less than 4%) it may not be possible for the body to tolerate the presence of the balloon and the client will need to have it removed early. In this unlikely scenario we can arrange for early extraction of the balloon at the original clinic or it may have to be taken out in your own country. Refunds are not possible under these circumstances due to the extensive costs involved with BIB® Gastric Balloon insertion; Cost of the balloon itself, Medical testing and screening costs, Specialist consultation fees, Surgeons fees, Clinic medical care costs including medicines and round the clock 24/7 medical care, Flight and Accommodation costs, etc.


Our Responsibility- We reserve the right to increase or decrease published prices (on our website or in correspondence) before your booking and contract are confirmed. We have not accepted your booking until the date of invoice issue, which we will send once we have received fully, paid deposit. The laws of the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic govern this Contract. The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd accepts no responsibility for loss or injury of any kind. We are not liable for the work of surgeons and nursing staff at your clinic. Your contract is with the clinic for all medical work undertaken. Furthermore, The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd cannot be held responsible for post-procedural results, your surgeon / doctor will explain what can and cannot be reasonably expected from your procedure.

The client accepts that EWLC (The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd) does not offer any medical advice and is not liable or responsible for the work of Clinics. The client also accepts that the client’s contract is with clinic, for all procedures carried out.



Upon receipt of deposit payment we will issue you with all necessary information relevant to your booking. We do not provide travel insurance, clients are asked to source their own travel / medical insurance prior to travel. Clients are responsible for arriving on time for their appointments; The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd cannot be held responsible for missed flights, check in delays, late arrivals, or any other circumstances which cause the client to be late for pre-arranged appointments.



Payment of your deposit can be made by credit/debit card within 4 days of your arrival or via PayPal within 7 days of your arrival or by bank transfer (at least 28 days prior to arrival). Your outstanding balance can be made by bank transfer at least 14 days before your arrival, or can easily be made by credit/debit card or in cash on the day of your arrival at the clinic.

Bookings Change of booking


If you decide to change the details of your booking you should notify us immediately. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requirements, however the following charges apply in the event that we are not able to re-schedule or re-arrange

14 days+ £ No Charge

14 days or less £100 Administration fee

*Prepaid flight costs cannot be refunded if we have paid in advance on your behalf, according to the airline’s refund policy (refunds where possible will be recovered on your behalf).

Cancellation – If you decide to cancel your booking (for whatever reason) you should notify us immediately. Cancellation will be effective upon receipt of written confirmation. The following charges will apply

60 days +

Deposit & Costs Fully Refunded

59 to 29 days

50% of total procedure costs

28 to 21 days

70% of total procedure costs

20 to 8 days

90% of total procedure costs

7 days or less

100% of total procedure costs




Clients should inform us as soon as possible if they have any complaints relating to the services provided by The European weight Loss Centre Ltd or its partners and clinics. If a complaint relates to post procedural complications, your complaint may be forwarded to the clinic for consideration. In the rare event, we will of course endeavor to satisfactorily rectify a complaint.



The term 'our clinic' refers to the clinic or clinics that we represent as officially appointed marketing partners.



In a very small number of people, the Gastric Balloon may have to be removed early primarily due to 'intolerance' in this instance 'intolerance' refers to but is not limited to, the body's ongoing physical rejection of the balloon, emotional and physical aversion to the normal side effects associated with balloon insertion, both during the post insertion period and at any point during the normal 6 month insertion period.

Incidences of 'balloon intolerance' (for whatever reason) are extremely low, approx 97% of people will be able to 'tolerate' the presence of the balloon for the recommended 6 month period. If you are looking for a reputable uk casino online that delivers a dynamic gaming experience, ypu can find it on our site. Read best online uk casinos reviews and ratings including list of games, complaints, latest bonus codes and promotions. In agreeing to these terms and conditions, the client accepts that The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd (EWLC) cannot be held responsible for 'balloon intolerance' and refunds cannot be given to clients who cannot 'tolerate' the presence of the gastric balloon, for whatever reason, or who have to have the balloon removed early for whatever reason

** In the extremely unlikely event that the balloon was to deflate, clients travelling back to Prague will have a new balloon inserted, free of charge, if within the normal 6 month insertion period.



Reparative surgery will normally be carried out by the clinic if a band slippage has occurred or if port detachment has happened. Your surgeon, independently of The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd (EWLC), normally makes this decision after further investigations, once again, this is extremely rare.


ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE – Electronic Communications Act of 2000

Provides that electronic signatures on documents hold equivalent legal status as traditional handwritten signatures. By completing the online medical questionnaire, I certify that My digital signature is the equivalent of My handwritten signature. Also, I declare that I have read and understand all of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and I agree to and do sign each section of these Terms and Conditions of this Agreement with My digital signature.

"Allergan Gastric Balloon and Gastric Band - Lap Band at EWLC"



EWLC uses only the BEST products available: ALLERGAN Gastric Balloon and Gastric Band (Lap-Band) products are widely recognised to be the world leader in safe, reliable, and clinically proven products. Assuring you the best products, at the best price.




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